Pockets Wherever Possible

Pockets Wherever Possible

 It’s no secret that we love pockets here at Emily and Fin.

From our beginnings on Portobello Market to our most recent collection, everything we create is designed with you in mind. Our clothing doesn’t just look gorgeous, and it’s definitely not fast fashion - Emily and Fin clothing is made to be worn and loved for years to come - we understand that form and function really do go hand in hand.

Every piece is designed by women, for women, to look beautiful, feel wonderful and to be a practically stylish addition to your wardrobe. A dress which looks great on the hanger but doesn’t meet your needs in your daily life just won’t be reached for, and you deserve for every piece you invest in to be something you’ll truly love.

It’s not just beauty and practicality that we consider when designing a new piece. As a woman lead company, we’re all too aware that the pocket is political. While our male co-workers fit their phone, wallet and keys into their pockets without so much as a second thought, all too often women are left without. We all love a beautiful handbag, but sometimes we just need to grab our phone and go - and carrying it in our hand isn’t quite the look we’re going for.

No pockets, fake pockets, or worse of all, a pocket which is far too small to be of use, are de rigueur in womenswear. (Hands up if your brand new smartphone has ever taken a dive from a teeny pocket as soon as you try to sit down…)

Pocket struggles are nothing new. Women have been demanding usable pockets since the 1800s, when changes in fashions saw a move from practical pockets hidden under voluminous skirts, to sleeker silhouettes and a small, external handbag. The suffragettes made pockets a focal point, and designers have been making fabulous, if perfunctory, gestures in the right direction ever since. Notably, the iconic Chanel jacket and Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking shone glamourous spotlights on the issue, with just a hint of androgyny.

Pockets don’t have to come at the expense of femininity, though this is often the reason given for the lack of them.

With all this in mind, Emily and Fin created our signature pockets almost 20 years ago. Whether cleverly concealed in a side seam to ensure a streamlined silhouette, or acting as the stars of the show, all of our pockets are generous and practical, big enough to fit your belongings, and perfect for those cool and casual, hands-in-pockets moments. Alongside our lively and unique prints, and carefully considered cuts, our pockets are one of the thoughtful details which make Emily and Fin a label that’s loved around the world.

Our unofficial motto has always been “Pockets Wherever Possible” and we’ve stuck to it to this day. Not every piece is actually designed around the pockets (although some definitely are) but pockets are considered for each one at the earliest stages of design.

 If the cut allows, the pockets stay, so you can pick up your favourite new dress, hold it close and say “And it has pockets!