Our perfect pyjama day

Our perfect pyjama day

It’s time to perfect the art of the PJ day! With Christmas just around the corner and the calendar filling up with festive celebrations why not take this opportunity to stay in, wrap up and embrace all things cosy. Enjoy some blissful ‘me-time’ in your favourite PJs with a hot drink in hand, biscuits on tap and a book on the go! To give you some inspiration we’ve asked our #emilyandfingirls (including the Emily and Fin team!) what makes the perfect PJ day…

 Now first things first, before settling down to a day of absolutely nothing we need to decide what to wear… (we appreciate it’s likely only your pet will see this particular fashion choice but it’s still an important one!) Whether you opt for flannel, fleece, silk, cotton, jersey or knits the main criteria is comfort! Here’s what our #emilyandfingirls went for…



‘Definitely PJs (link to Nellie PJs) with cosy socks’ says @bohemian_daydreamer

 ‘Always slippers with the warmest, most comfiest PJ's or sweats!’ – Diana, Finance Manager @ Emily and Fin


My favourite hoodie I’ve had since the early 90’s, its’ just surviving but I can’t bare to part with it, always with comfy warm socks.’ – Liz, General Manager @ Emily and Fin

 Now we’re safely cocooned in our favourite comfy pieces it’s time to create the environment to match. Where you spend your  PJ day usually involves a mountain of pillows, throws, duvets, cushions, blankets… basically anything soft that you can get your hands on!

I’m in bed with lots of blankets & covered in too many pillows - @mayajolina

‘I’m wrapped in a blanket and a cat (or multiple cats) – Laura, Production Co-ordinator @ Emily and Fin

 What would a pyjama day be without your favourite book, music, series, film, podcast or magazine… whether it’s a comforting Christmas film, a new novel, a chilled playlist or a inspirational podcast today is the day to relax and get completely lost in it. Here is what we’re listening to, watching and reading…

‘I’m usually reading my book club book which at the moment is Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton, while listening to a mix by Sui Zhen called Making Friends with Music’ – Orla, Sales Executive @ Emily and Fin

 ‘I love to cosy up with a Christmas film like Home Alone’ - @drea_catalea

 ‘I’m reading The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and listening to podcast Dolly Parton’s America (it’s awesome) – Liz, General Manager @ Emily and Fin

 Listening to The Great Women Artists podcast or watching Pose on BBC iPlayer’ Laura, Production Co-ordinator @ Emily and Fin

Last but definitely not least let’s talk about what we’re eating and drinking - quite literally the cherry on top of the perfect pyjama day and possibly our favourite part! Everyone has a go to snack and soothing drink for cosy day at home, so what did our #emilyandfingirls say?

‘I love to eat ice-cream with a glass of wine!’ – Claudia, Wholesale Operations Administrator @ Emily and Fin

I make a fab hot chocolate with Soya Milk and it tastes great with Ginger biscuits’ – Greta, Financial Controller @ Emily and Fin

 What makes your perfect pyjama day? Comment your cosy necessities here!