Meet the Prints: SS19 February

Meet the Prints: SS19 February

After taking a trip across sun-kissed landscapes in the January drop of our SS19 prints, we’re embracing adventure and summer afternoon activities in these playful prints. From picnics in the park to roller-skating down palm lined avenues, each print embraces the spirit of California.  


Grab your sunhat ladies, we’re off on a road trip! This lively print features miniature campervans traversing across a mountainous landscape, complete with a big setting sun, reminiscent of afternoons that stretch into evenings when wanderlust strikes.

This particular print really captures the mood of the whole collection and reflects our own travelling roots – the Emily and Fin brand was born from the spirit of adventure!

Perfect for parties or spontaneous days that lead to cherished memories, ‘Road Trippin’ is available in two of our fave dresses, the Claudia and Lucy dresses, and the eternally stylish Pippa Skirt, adding a sense of wonder to the timeless designs.


You know how much we love our florals, and ‘Sweet Summer Blooms’ adds a feminine twist to a timeless print. Featuring a bright, yet soft, blue background reminiscent of clear summer skies and tiny posies in coral, blush and sunshine yellow, this pretty print will brighten up even a cloudy day.

For this print, we were inspired by the Golden State’s landscape and the contrast of tiny delicate wildflowers that grace rugged seashores all the way from San Fran to San Diego, where the border to Mexico adds vibrance to Cali’s palette and garlands to ladies’ hair.


A great plaid never goes out of style and our ‘Sunset Plaid’ fabric in the Pippa Dress, new Kate Shirt Dress, and the playful Zoe Skirt will no doubt make a bright appearance season after season.

Evoking images of magnificent palm lined sunsets running as far as the eye can see, ‘Sunset Plaid’ preserves the iconic chequered design but is updated with a warm palette of magenta, burnt orange, violet and blush, giving the classic plaid a modern twist that feels fresh and joyful.


When you think of a West Coast promenade complete with palm trees, deck chairs and ice cream cones you can’t miss the roller-skaters, and our ‘Get Your Skates On’ print celebrates one of Cali’s iconic past times.

Available in coral red or navy blue, this fun yet timeless print features colourful hand-drawn roller-skates straight out of a 70s roller disco or a modern-day Venice Beach.

Sure to become a talking point, ‘Get Your Skates On’ adds a dash of playfulness to dresses, skirts, tops and even shorts – all of which can be worn inside the rink or out!

Check out the full collection here to see these gorgeous prints in action or take a closer look at the collection’s new silhouettes in our ‘Meet the Silhouettes’ post.