Meet the Prints: Dreams of Faraway Places

Meet the Prints: Dreams of Faraway Places

This month we’ve got some more gorgeous new prints to show you, with this set inspired by hazy afternoon daydreams. Let us whisk you away to a tropical paradise where the only sound is the gentle lull of the waves or the soft breeze on desert sand…



Imagine yourself a million miles away, on the shores of a forgotten island, with nothing but golden sand and sunshine as far as the eye can see. Palm trees as your shade and the winds of opportunity beckoning.

In Pacific Island Paradise, we’ve captured the spirit of an ocean adventure – if you sail just over the horizon, where will it take you? This inspiring print features a hand-painted scene of desert islands swirling between the waves against a backdrop of cloudy mountains and tiny sailboats.

Made from 100% cotton, this creative print is not only individual but comfortable enough to wear on your own summer adventures.


Deep in the desert there’s a stillness that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the stuff of visions, vivid sunsets in blush, peach and gold turning into the soft white of dawn, giving tiny flowers a subtle glow that’s surreal enough to be otherworldly.

For our Desert Blooms print, we wanted to pay homage to the magic of the desert. We hand-painted delicate cactus flowers in a palette of sunset colours on a minimalist background of ivory white.

This print is seriously feminine while retaining a very unique feel. The soft drapey viscose crepe fabric makes it perfect for pretty dresses and blouses that create a dreamy figure and feel.


If there’s one thing that connects all of our prints this season, and in fact, connects every one of us on this earth, it’s the ocean!

Our pretty Tencel fabric is inspired by the soft blue of the seaside, where everything as far as the eye can see is some shade of blue and the effect is a calming peace that no other place can give.

Just as it should be, our ocean-inspired Tencel is sun-bleached to a subtler shade of blue, giving it light and shade in the folds of the fabric, making it a great choice for summer dresses and button up skirts.


And what better place to inspire dreaming than from the sun-kissed glow of a sun lounger by the sea? Settle down into a warm and heavy slumber where the sounds of the waves and the seagulls up above fade into a low and gentle hum.

Introducing our Sunlounger Stripe, one of our dreamiest new yarn-dye stripes that takes you back to childhood days spent building sandcastles, sticky with ice cream and carefree with joy. This gorgeous fabric is made from 100% cotton and lined with cotton to, making it a cool and comfortable choice for summer walks on the beach and even naps in the garden.

So which print has got you dreaming of adventures and summer wardrobe staples? Let us know on social media!

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