In praise of Corduroy

In praise of Corduroy

Here at Emily and Fin we have high expectations; our clothes need to not only look good now but bring us joy for many seasons to come. It stands to reason then, that we've chosen corduroy as one of this season's key fabrics.

With origins as far back as ancient Egypt, when a cotton weave known as “fustian” was developed in the Egyptian city of Fustat, this fabric has been through many incarnations but it's popularity has been constant.
Introduced to Europe in medieval times it was prized for its durability and warmth. These same qualities were central to the next appearance of the fabric which we now recognise as corduroy, developed for wear in the factories in Manchester in the late 18th century with distinctive ridges or 'wales'.

From these working class roots, corduroy has been picked up by many different groups from 1960s beatniks to 1990s grunge rockers with a peak in popularity in the 1970s.

Fast forward to 2021 and our fine needle cords have a beautiful, velvet like finish making them luxurious as well as practical with a softness and drape that belies their resilience.
We've further elevated this hardworking cloth with a sumptuous colour palette; opulent blues, rich berry and autumnal rust shades.


We especially love Stella, a beautifully designed shirt dress style.
Inspired to try it? You can see all of our corduroy pieces here.