Dior: Designer of Dreams at the V&A

Dior: Designer of Dreams at the V&A

We know we’re not the only ones singing our praises of the Dior exhibition at the V&A. The sold-out exhibition has caused a stir from the fashion glossies and social media alike, and for us, it’s been an exciting chance to see some of the famous designs that have inspired our own tailoring.


As one of the most celebrated designers of the last century, Dior hardly needs introduction. From the elegant lines of the classic 1940’s Dior suit to the striking femininity of evening gowns, Dior is a label that has influenced fashion in countless ways.

Established just after the end of the second World War, Christian Dior’s fashion house has been praised as having rejuvenated the fashion industry, replacing the practical wartime silhouettes with full vivacious skirts and nipped in waists. Dior wanted to bring back the spirit of femininity but interweave it with the newfound masculinity of sleek lines and suits seen on working women.

Since this ambitious beginning, Dior has gone from a Parisian influencer to a world-class couturier. Celebrated across the globe for his sensual haute couture and chic tailoring, modern fashion owes a great deal to the legendary man.


Our own tailoring for Emily and Fin has been inspired by Christian Dior’s impeccable attention to detail and clever structuring, especially the way Dior’s designs encapsulate the spirit of the feminine while retaining a certain poise and personality. Just like Dior’s clean lines and flattering cuts, Emily and Fin’s silhouettes are designed to make every woman feel graceful and effortless.

Dior is known for working with a range of luxury fabrics, something we also emphasise for Emily and Fin. High quality cottons and wool aren’t just about status, they’re designed to look and feel beautiful, creating long-lasting pieces that can be worn season after season.

The great man, Christian Dior, was known for his lifelong love of gardens and nature, fascinated by flowers from a young age, later incorporating the soft but varied textures and precise petal patterns of flowers into his designs. Of course, you all know of our own obsession with all things floral – there’s just something so joyful about the natural world that we seek to capture in wearable form.

So, whether it’s a simple dress or an intricate design, we’ve always admired Dior’s way of combining texture, shape and subtle detailing, with a cleverly placed pleat or a deep pocket on a full skirt.

This dedication to ingenious design and expert tailoring is what makes Dior’s pieces a cut above the rest – we were so honoured to have been able to see some of the finest examples in person!


While the exhibition is sold-out, you can see some of the pieces on display here or find out more about the history of Dior on the official website.