Celebrating our city's dogs

Celebrating our city's dogs

We love to travel but sometimes watching the world go by from our studio window can be an equally inspiring pastime.

Pausing for a moment, we watch London life happening and the day unfolding in front of us. Bright and early, we spot dogs of all shapes and sizes, out walking with their owners. This fresh air and exercise (and often a take away coffee) are part of the morning routine for many people which helps wake them up and get them ready for the day.
The dogs seem to need no such encouragement. Whatever the weather,  they can be seen sniffing the air, wagging their tails and ready to explore.

Dog ownership rose hugely during the lockdowns last year and whether you have a canine friend with you or you simply appreciate having your own everyday adventures, we've put together our favourite places for a dog walk with dog friendly cafes to call into along the way.

1. One of the largest green spaces in London; Hyde park is a great place to escape the traffic. Wander through and grab a coffee at the Italian Gardens Cafe.

2. Pick up some healthy food, inspired by the owner's upbringing in rural Australian, at Farm Girl in Notting Hill then head to the iconic Portobello Road for a stroll full of interesting things to see (and sniff).

3. Walk around the beautiful Kensington gardens at sunset then head for an early dinner at Maggie Jones in Kensington.

4. Pick up a coffee and a pastry at Nkora on Cambridge Heath road then make your way down the road to London's oldest purpose built park, Victoria park.

5. Nestled away from the High Street in leafy Hampstead you'll find Burg House Cafe, the ideal spot to refuel before or after a walk on the Heath.

See the new print inspired by the dogs of this great city, our City Dogs Collection.