Yarn Dye

Yarn Dye

Yarn dye fabric is special.
In fact, it’s Fin’s favourite - so we thought we’d share its story with you.

What is a yarn dyed fabric?
Unlike printed fabrics where the design is drawn, then printed directly onto the fabric, yarn dye involves colouring the individual yarn before weaving. This process takes longer than printing and requires more planning and engineering... which might be why we love it so much - the beauty is in the detail. The process results in a truly unique piece of cloth for us to transform into your favourite silhouettes.

Fin adores yarn dye fabric because the design is integral - it’s literally part of the fabric - so that each side is as beautiful as the other. But the part she loves most is the nostalgic charm - yarn dying has been used around the world to create beautiful fabric designs for thousands of years.
1 - After designing the pattern and choosing the colours, the yarn is dyed in individual batches to create the perfect palette. 

2 - Once dry, the yarn is woven on looms into sheets of cloth. Weaving is the ancient practice of interlacing two sets of yarns - the lengthwise yarn is the warp and the widthwise yarn is the weft - so they cross over one another to form strong fabric. 

3- We take our unique woven cloth and create your favourite Emily and Fin pieces - slow fashion that we hope you’ll love for years to come. 

This season our yarn dye fabrics include Botanical Plaid, Seaspray Stripe, Heatwave Check, Cote D’Azur Plaid, Mint Gingham, Sunset Plaid and Sunlounger Stripe. Which is your favourite?