Welcome to Cubana Club: The SS18 Collection

Welcome to Cubana Club: The SS18 Collection

Buenos Dias, amigos! The sun is just starting to return from his slumber and as the lazy summers roll in, we’re transported to a dusty hot city where colonial architecture towers over shady cobbled streets. The smell of tropical flowers and cigars float on a soft breeze, and salsa beats usher fabulously dressed ladies through leafy arches to tiny white churches and multi-coloured market stalls.

There’s something quite dazzling about the Caribbean, and it’s not just the glittering turquoise waves and white sand.

For our Spring Summer ‘18 Collection, we’re channelling the hot tropics of Havana. Featuring colourful hand-painted prints, preppy knits and elegant summer dresses, we’re ready to pack our bags and hit the picturesque streets of Cuba.
source: http://www.livelikeitstheweekend.com/


For our Fireshade Floral print we took inspiration from the carnival-bright colours of Cuba’s national flower, the Mariposa, plus bold hibiscus flowers, Caribbean lillies and tropical poppies. Then we mixed it up with a dash of abstract art, referencing the contemporary oil painters of the 1940s and 50s.

As you E&F fans know, we love our florals, and Cuba’s bouquets are enough to inspire the artist within. We love the full skirt and open V-shaped neckline of the Margot Midi Dress in Fireshade Floral, matched with some Caribbean-style straw espadrilles and armfuls of flowers, or a paintbrush if you’re feeling the creative spark.emilyandfin-fireshadefloralprint


Vintage Cadillacs in turquoise-blue and lemon-yellow trundle along leafy cobblestone streets, the sound of pumping rumba and Latin American beats fading into the background. Old Havana is all crumbling architecture and labyrinthine streets – a picture of South American splendour.

The SS18 Old Town Havana Print transports you to a sun-drenched square in Old Havana, where you can sip strong black Columbian coffee and watch the world go by, or rather, have the world admire your outfit…

The Claudia Dress, with its capped raglan sleeves and full skirt and pockets, is a favourite down here at the office where the Old Town Havana print will brighten up morning coffee at our desks when we can’t go dashing off to Cuba!emilyandfin-cubanacollectionemailyandfin-cubanacollection


Caribbean cocktails are second to none, even Hemingway himself was a fan, but we bet he didn’t look as fabulous with one as you will in our next print…

We designed the Cuban Cocktails print in dedication to the Havanan rum cocktails that come with lime, sugar, and plenty of ice to keep the ruffle-skirted ladies and dapper men dancing in the streets till the early hours.

The Jasmine Dress in Cuban Cocktails print will get your toes tapping and gentlemen asking you to dance the salsa. With its sweetheart neckline and calf-length A-line skirt, it’s flirty yet demure – perfect for sizzling hot summer nights that quickly turn into hazy mornings.emilyandfin-cubanacollectionemilyandfin-cubancocktails


Outside the city of Havana, it’s jungle and beaches as far as the eye can see. Our Tropical Toucan print is the perfect chic beach camouflage, but works equally well worn to lunch, at the park, or to the bar.

In fact, the summery Pippa Dress in Tropical Toucans is one of our fan favourites – perhaps because you can dress it up or down, with heels or flats, fruity brights or dusky neutrals – it’s versatile and eclectic, just like Cuba’s very own homegrown style.

So, come to Club Cubana with Emily and Fin – you grab a dress, we’ll get the cocktails, and we’ll meet you on the dancefloor.emilyandfin-cubanacollectionemilyandfin-tropicaltoucans