The Magical Circus : Autumn / Winter 2018

The Magical Circus : Autumn / Winter 2018

The curtains part and the show has begun. Circus print collides with bold and rich velvet. Fireworks dazzle and leap towards the iconic red and white of the big top tent.

Sparkling jewel colours spin and soar across the stage. Trapeze artists sprinkle stars, gold and silver, across the audience, who sit mouths agape, popcorn silent, dazzled by the riot of rich colours.

You know, it’s not just the acrobats, tigers and clowns we love most about the circus, but its magnetic appeal, that dreamlike temptation to escape reality, just for a moment. You could lose yourself in the dizzying myriad of colours and sounds, caught in an enchantment of magical characters.

There’s nothing ordinary to be found here, everything seductive and decadent. You could be anyone, anywhere in this palace of fantasy that comes but once a year. We are so excited to launch our eagerly awaited Magical Circus collection, this season we have introduced a bold new range of unique signature prints, all lovingly designed by our London in-house team.

Day dresses remain light-weight and wearable- in super-soft 100% natural Viscose and Cotton. We have playfully mix-and-matched textures from luxurious velvet to structured jacquards in a warming palette of spicy hues and jewelled tones including bordeaux, mustard, emerald green and royal blue.emilyandfin-lucy-dressThis sets the scene for the collection across complimenting separates such as our ‘Lori’ and ‘Darcy’ culottes, a new silhouette brought to life in print, cord and rich teal velvet. Pair this versatile style with a light-weight knit or statement printed blouse for effortlessly chic day-time dressing.emilyandfin-lori-culotteKnitwear has a touch of sparkle with gold star jacquard and soft lurex with ruffle detailing, offering new and interesting ways of outfitting to refresh classic styles.emilyandfin-cece-knitLayer with printed dresses or team with our jacquard skirts to create an effortlessly sophisticated look. Overlay with show-stopping outerwear, the Eloise coat in an olive plaid features a Peter Pan-style collar and oversized buttons, adding an elegant finishing touch to any outfit.emilyandfin-eloisecoatWe hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed creating it,

With love,

Emily and Fin x