The Creation of Folk Floral

The inspiration behind Folk Floral

Introducing our second drop for Spring 2022. We begin with a driving trip through the Alps with our Mountain Stripe conjuring up the grandeur of sunrise over the mountains, and make our way into central and Eastern Europe to discover the inspiration behind our stand out Folk Floral print.

The starting point for this design was the stylised flowers and simplified floral motifs found throughout Austrian, Hungarian and Polish folk art and traditional costume.

Our hand painted print references and combines the colourful botanicals featured in this art and dress with inspiration also coming from Matyó embroidery.


Matyó embroidery is centered around a small area of northeastern Hungary where traditional dress and textiles are embroidered with intricate designs using floral, botanical and heart motifs.

Each colour has its own meaning with black representing the colour of the earth which life and the harvest arise from, red being associated with joy and yellow the colour of summer. 

Experimenting with lots of floral and heart shapes, we narrowed down the motifs and, taking the idea of a dark background which the flowers spring forth from, adorned a navy base with vibrant reds, yellows and greens, offset with soft pink.


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