Meet the Prints: SS19 California Dreaming

Meet the Prints: SS19 California Dreaming

Our captivating, California-inspired SS19 collection celebrates the sun-kissed natural beauty of the Golden State. The first three prints from the collection focus on the stunning landscapes of the West Coast, with delicate yet vibrant florals and a charismatic map print to tempt you into travelling the world.


We were drawn to the iconic sweet pea for its contrast of delicate petals in gentle shades with their intense and seductive fragrance – they’re enchanting and subtle, feminine yet strong, just like the ladies that wear our clothes!

Sweet peas are typically grown in climates with lots of sunshine so it’s no surprise they made their way over to the golden coast where they were celebrated by Californian gardeners and adorned on paintings and posters in watercolour representations typical of the early 20th century.

Our Sun-kissed Sweet pea print adds a touch of the contemporary to these vintage illustrations with the distinct blossoms hand-painted in sky blue, burnt orange and lemon yellow on a subtle navy background that’s perfect for workwear or smart casual days out.

Emily and Fin Sun-kissed Sweetpea 


Our Golden State print really sums up the wanderlust of the SS19 collection. Reminiscent of antique maps that show a world, once unchartered, that just calls out to be explored, this charismatic print is enough to make you want to jet off and travel the world, dressed for the occasion of course.

Inspired by antique maps of North America that nowadays are more decorative pieces than navigational tools, we added all the features that make California unique - tiny palm trees, cacti, dolphins and sailboats, a bear in a redwood forest, a ranch complete with a longhorn cow skull and even the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

From the beach to camping, cowboys and playing cards, this detailed print is a charming archetypal representation of California and a great piece to wear if you want to stand out.Emily and Fin Golden StateEmily and Fin Golden State Dress 


Growing wild in seemingly endless fields of red, orange, green and blue, the California Poppy is another iconic emblem of the Golden State (and its official state flower!) and one we aimed to capture in our SS19 print of the same name.

One of the things we loved about the California Poppy is that it closes at night, only opening again with the first kiss of the sun, blooming into a riot of colour and shape as the afternoon heat reaches its peak.

We tried to capture this theme in the flashes of vibrant colour on deep night-time navy, creating a print that encompasses the joy of the California countryside. Wear it with bright or nude accessories and a sunshiney smile, of course!Emily and Fin California Poppy
Emily and Fin California Poppy Source: Flickr