Celebrating the Life and Style of Frida Kahlo for SS18

Celebrating the Life and Style of Frida Kahlo for SS18

We hope you’re as excited as we are to visit the new Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A Museum? Featuring a beautiful collection of the iconic Mexican painter’s clothes and belongings, the exhibition is sure to be a fashion-lover’s dream, and we should know, Frida Kahlo’s vibrant femininity was a big inspiration to us when designing our latest SS18 Cubana Club Collection.  


If we had to pick one word to describe Frida Kahlo, it would be bold. Everything from her bright and unconventional style to her inspiring determination to not let anything hold her back.

This boldness of spirit is something we sought to capture in our SS18 Collection. Vibrant knits in magenta, yellow and cornflower blue, clashed or matched with abstract prints of sprawling wild flowers – poppies and hibiscus – an abundance of florals in a riot of colours.

Frida’s love of florals can be seen in everything from her paintings to the shocking pink blooms she wore in her hair, and as you probably already noticed, our own infatuation with flowers, big and small, continues to adorn the latest Emily and Fin collection.emilyandfin-blazingblooms


Frida’s Mexican Heritage always ran through her styling. She adopted the traditional dress of southeast Mexican indigenous women, bright pink boots, embroidered skirts and folk blouses, yet updated it with her own personal taste – opulent dangling earrings, bright floral headpieces and her unapologetically wild eyebrows, all revealing a woman entirely confident in herself, never swayed by current trends.

This brave and unique mix of old vs. new gave Frida her iconic personal style, and it’s something we resonate with here at Emily and Fin.

Our own journey has taken us around the world and we’ve evolved into a brand that combines the elegance of vintage tailoring with the contemporary chic of a modern woman who, like Frida, plays by her own fashion rules.emilyandfin-estherdress-aztecbirds


Perhaps one of the most memorable things about Frida Kahlo, aside from her astounding wardrobe, was her incredible attention to detail. Frida painted what she saw around her, people, politics, things and places. She painted the experiences in her own life, as a woman of Mexican society, and she sought to portray what she saw in her art – both painting and style.

At Emily and Fin, our prints are often inspired by the world around us, too, and we’ve put our own modern twist on the Kahlo still life portraits in our Fruit Salad print, as well as capturing the crumbling streets of Old Havana, the tiny Aztec birds of South American rainforests and sailing boats on the docks of San Jose Bay – anywhere that inspires us to create something beautiful yet wearable.

From the sweeping elegance of bright skirts to the tiny cap sleeves that give a feminine yet strong shape, our respect for Frida Kahlo’s life and style can be seen celebrated throughout the latest collection – but how will you wear it?emilyandfin-anniedress-fruitsalad