Poised against a backdrop of teak panels and velvet curtains, cups of coffee and blush coloured knits, the whole world just fades away. Outside, the city never sleeps, but the subtle wrap of her dress and the dreamy hint of an abstract print show she can walk in both worlds, always with a perfectly cut hem and a smile that hints at charm and wit.

A tapestry of styles as versatile as they are eternal. A capsule of luxury with effortless grace. For anyone watching she’s a mystery, but her clothes, they tell it all. She’s as adaptable as the world she wears and as timeless as the city itself.

Inspired by the movement of the season, this collection embraces the unmistakeable feeling of change. As colder days take over the city it’s time to welcome colour, move with  confidence and stand out against the grey backdrop that Autumn brings.

Introducing effortlessly cool silhouettes and fresh seasonal prints that offer playful elegance with a touch of mystery. Lose yourself in dreamy hues from dazzling fuchsia and indulgent emerald to rich navy and blush pink – welcome to AW19: A Winter Story.