We firmly believe that a good dress can transform a girl. It can be uplifting, confidence-boosting and make you feel like the best version of yourself. Not to mention put a little spring in your step! A few more whirls here, some extra skips there...Madison Steward definitely knows the feeling! Our Florence dress fits her like a glove, and she loves it just as much as we loved crafting it. emilyandfin-madisonsteward-florence "I've been really under the weather this past week, so my labor day vacation was anything but relaxing. Finally I'm feeling so much better and was able to get good photos of this Florence dress from Emily and Fin!"


emilyandfin-madisonsteward-florence "Honestly, the first time I put this dress on I really truly felt beautiful. I have a lot of pretty dresses and outfits I love, but something about the cut of this just took my breath away. I'm not saying I think I look ugly on a daily basis, I just felt something more with this dress and that's the honest truth. I love the way it looks on me, I adore the print, and everything about it makes me want to wear it every day." emilyandfin-madisonsteward-florence "I believe I've now worn this out more than ten times since I got it, and every time it puts a little spring in my step and I feel like I could glide and twirl about everywhere. Another big perk, it has perfect pockets, putting this at the top of the ranks for dresses!" emilyandfin-madisonsteward-florence "There is no denying I fancy everything from Emily and Fin, and this frock proves just how amazing they are. The rest of their fall collection is just as beautiful! I'm really keen on the Holly dress and Evie top (the blouse version of this dress). Really look into what Emily and Fin has to offer, I promise there will be something from them to make you feel just as beautiful and gorgeous as you are!" emilyandfin-madisonsteward-florence emilyandfin-madisonsteward-florence
Read Madison's full post here. All images courtesy of Madison Steward.