We're definitely partial to a springtime picnic or two, when the smell of newly bloomed flowers is in the air, the freshly cut grass is at your feet and you've got the whole afternoon to spend nibbling at your favourite snacks with your favourite people. Picnic baskets at the ready! Blogger Madison Steward chose to spend her day in the Esther Dress and took us along with her. Keep reading to see how she wore it! EMILYANDFIN-MADISONSTEWARD-FLOATINGDAISIES "I'm very happy to be showing off this precious dress from Emily and Fin, ideal for warm Spring breezes and picnics. You know I love all my dresses from Emily and Fin, last summer I wore one every week! They're amazingly comfortable, easy to move around in, and they've got pockets. I have on the Esther Dress in Floating Daisies. EMILYANDFIN-MADISONSTEWARD-FLOATINGDAISIES "These colors are so beautiful together!​ I love the cut of this dress, the bodice is fantastic with the fitted waist (I really appreciate a fitted waist, hehe) and the skirt lays so daintily. I don't think I could find a more poetic looking dress for every day. Their Spring collection is full of gorgeous patterns and colors, and I'm definitely planning on getting [the] Teal Polka Dot Dress!" EMILYANDFIN-MADISONSTEWARD-FLOATINGDAISIES "I've paired it with these green Bettie Page heels and Betsey Johnson lemon purse, and just like that you've got a perfect outfit for brunch! I can't wait for warmer weather so I can wear all my Emily and Fin dresses regularly! Read Madison's full post here. All images courtesy of Madison Steward.