When you throw back the curtains on a clear and crisp day, there's no time to waste- all you want to do is throw on your get-up and shoot out the door.

Southern Cali Belle blogger Ashley recently picked up her Pippa dress for a little adventure and not only does she look spectacular, it even served her well on a mini hike! emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-pippa "When you live close enough to a desert in an area that (up until a few months ago) was in a massive drought, seeing greenery everywhere is incredibly exciting. The once endless brown mountains are now green and filled with wildflowers. As someone who enjoys photography, this has been the perfect opportunity to explore the world around me. So I packed up my camera gear, my toddler, and my new Emily and Fin dress for an adventure!" emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-pippa "The Pippa dress is my newest go-to staple. Because it's made from a light cotton, it's perfect for any warm-weather activity (like my mini-hike to get to this location). It's fully lined so there's no need for a petticoat or slip. It features a fold-over sweetheart bust line, wide shoulder straps, a flattering a-line skirt, and large side pockets. The full back zippered closure allows you step in and out of it with ease, which is a huge plus for this wide-hipped lady. I took my usual size XS/UK8 in this dress and it fits like a dream. The size charts are incredibly accurate! Here's to hoping there are more Pippa dresses in the future, because I will seriously buy every single one." emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-pippa emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-pippa emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-pippa

Read Ashley's full post here. All images courtesy of Southern Cali Belle.