Scorching hot days are a glorious thing, but heatwaves call for extra measures! Megan (With Love, Meg) recently headed outdoors for a day soaking up the sunshine and took us with her- see how she got a little help from our Sally Dress. EMILYANDFIN-WITHLOVEMEG-SALLYPINEAPPLE "When it comes to extremely hot weather, I tend to stay away from pants and shorts and head straight towards the dresses and skirts in my closet. I love long, flowy pieces that are breathable and don’t stick to me too tightly. This Pineapple dress from Emily and Fin is exactly the kind of dress you need for a hot day, when you still want to look stylish (aka not a hot, sweaty mess!)." EMILYANDFIN-WITHLOVEMEG-SALLYPINEAPPLE "The first time I wore this dress out to the farmers market, I literally got stopped over 10 times having people tell me they loved my dress and asking where it was from. If that isn’t a tell-tale sign of a perfect closet essential, I don’t know what is." EMILYANDFIN-WITHLOVEMEG-SALLYPINEAPPLE "The vintage style of this dress had me at hello. The length. The sleeveless shoulders. The belted waist. The collar. All of these features came together to create one stunningly gorgeous piece. And of course, who can say no to a pineapple print? I certainly cannot!" EMILYANDFIN-WITHLOVEMEG-SALLYPINEAPPLE "I’m heading off on a tropical vacation at the end of the summer, and this number is the first thing I am going to pack! It’s perfect for any occasion and is so versatile – dress it up or dress it down, you will still love it!" EMILYANDFIN-WITHLOVEMEG-SALLYPINEAPPLE
Read Megan's full post here. All images courtesy of With Love, Meg.