Darling In Dots blogger Nicole is the all-American girl in her Lucy Dress. She took a trip down to a retro drive-in for some soda and good old-fashioned fun. emilyandfin-darlingindots-lucyplaid "While I was home for Easter two weekends ago, I stopped at Stewart's to snap some photos in this dress from Emily and Fin (btw, isn't it so cute? I'm definitely planning to live in it this summer). I grew up in southern New Jersey, and had driven past Stewart's once or twice while in high school, but this was my first time actually stopping by. I thought it was just a stand where you walked up to order, but it is actually an old school drive in, where the waiter comes up to your car and attaches a tray to your window to serve you food." emilyandfin-darlingindots-lucyplaid "My sister helped me take these photos, and while we were there, we received a lot of questions from our waiter about what we were taking photos for, as well as confused looks from those eating in their cars. When I first started getting into Instagram and blogging and taking photos of my outfits, I would be embarrassed if people would stop and look at me. But luckily I have become more confident and better at not letting other people's looks affect me. This is partly due to the fact that social media and the blogosphere has blown up in the last couple years. Especially in NYC, people don't think twice about people taking photos. Everyone is so desensitized to seeing people being photographed, so those passing by are less inclined to stare. And like anything else, practice makes perfect (well so to speak, because I'm nowhere near perfect). I am no expert, but I wanted to share some tips for taking your best photos possible, especially if you are on the shy side like me, whether you're a blogger or just want some Instagram worthy photos. " emilyandfin-darlingindots-lucyplaid emilyandfin-darlingindots-lucyplaid Read Nicole's full post here. All images courtesy of Darling In Dots.