Waking up to gloomy skies can make it exceptionally hard to drag ourselves out of our cocoons in the morning, but we're rebelling by throwing on some Autumn brights before we leave the door.

Siobhan from Just A Uniform gave the usual moody tones of cold weather dressing the brush and took our Lydia Coat for its first outing. An Emily and Fin favourite! emilyandfin-justauniform-lydia "Well it’s official, Autumn is well and truly here. It is dark when I wake up, there is at least 10,000 leaves entering my house each day, and it’s getting rather chilly. I am sure that this is making at least 80% of the U.K population happy. However if you’ve been reading my ramblings for a while now, you will know that I am not Autumns number one fan. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one that well, how do it put it, hates it. Strong words I know, but true." emilyandfin-justauniform-lydia "Don’t click away just yet, this isn’t a “I hate Autumn / Winter” post,  (although I could quite easily write 10,000 words on that) but how I intend to enjoy Autumn……. by wearing epic clothes of course." emilyandfin-justauniform-lydia "Normally when it comes to this time of year, I feel a bit cheated. I feel like my Summer clothes haven’t got the exposure they deserve. This is normally due to the U.K’s rather poor showing of that big yellow thing in the sky. Things are different this year, I feel well and truly ready to transition into Autumn attire. Yes, you heard it here first, I had a good and long Summer." emilyandfin-justauniform-lydia "As this was the case, I was determined to nab (technical term) the most important AW piece early. This being, THE COAT! Every year I put off purchasing a new coat until it is completely necessary, i.e snowing. I am usually left with slim pickings, kicking myself for not buying back in August, when lets face it, all the Autumn apparel arrives."

Read Siobhan's full post here. All images courtesy of Just A Uniform.