Darling In Dots blogger Nicole really treasures her alone time, and she's definitely not the only one- we love nothing more than getting home and jumping straight into bed for a long-awaited cosy evening. While we adore getting to spend time with friends and family at this time of year, all these fun-filled events can sap your energy so don't feel guilty about taking a minute to unwind. Let the pyjama-wearing and den-building commence! emilyandfin-darlingindots-phoebepyjama "Introvert and extrovert are two words people love to throw around nowadays. Most commonly, I see people labeling themselves as an "extroverted introvert", stating that they enjoy going to parties, but also are okay staying in and watching Netflix. While it is true that most people fall in between the two extremes of introvert and extrovert, I feel that people like to label themselves as a hybrid because they don't want to identify solely as an introvert. Introvert has a negative connotation, and conjures up images of a hermit with no friends. When you hear the word extrovert, a bubbly, life of the party, social butterfly comes to mind. However, these stereotypes are simply not true. I am definitely on the more introverted end of the spectrum, and I appreciate my alone time,  but that doesn't meant I don't like socializing. I often feel misunderstood by the people around me, so I decided to write a post about the most common misconceptions of introverts." emilyandfin-darlingindots-phoebepyjama Nicole wears the Phoebe Pyjamas in Scarlett Heart. emilyandfin-darlingindots-phoebepyjama emilyandfin-darlingindots-phoebepyjama emilyandfin-darlingindots-phoebepyjama emilyandfin-darlingindots-phoebepyjama
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