The New Year is a magical time and it feels good to ring it in with just the right amount of glitz and glam. 2018 we're ready for you! With a smattering of stardust, Gracefully Vintage blogger Kayla's recent post reminds us that whether you're dressing up or down, it's a perfect opportunity to wear something that makes you feel like your best self. emilyandfin-gracefullyvintage-abigailstellarstars "A star crown and a star dress because you can never have too many stars!" emilyandfin-gracefullyvintage-abigailstellarstars
"I'm not really one to go out and celebrate new years and I admit I was in bed pretty early last night, asleep before midnight. This outfit I shot early December has some serious new years vibes though I would wear it all year round, crown or no crown."
"Emily and Fin never lets me down with their gorgeous prints, fabrics and designs. The Abigail dress has a classic silhouette that always wins me over and is one I always like to dress up or down. The fabric is viscose with 100% cotton lining which makes it breathable and wearable for hot weather."
"I really love the triple darts on the bodice under the bust, it gives the dress great structure but also looks really beautiful too. As a sewer, darts are one of my favourite things and they always look so lovely. Another important feature is the pockets in the dress, you can never do wrong with pockets and dresses. This is such a gorgeous whimsical print and I'm glad that it shows in these photos, it's so simple yet really stunning."
emilyandfin-gracefullyvintage-abigailstellarstars "January is already looking to be an exciting month for me which I will discuss later on the blog once certain things happen. I never really go into a new year with resolutions but as long as I'm happy and healthy that's all that really matters. I would mainly like to allow myself more time to sew this year, especially with my new sewing machine and overlocker (which I absolutely love by the way). I made a Christmas dress on Christmas eve, I didn't get great photos of it but it was more of a wearable draft before I sew the pattern again in different fabric as I now know that I need to scale the pattern down a size. Wishing you all a happy New Year!" emilyandfin-gracefullyvintage-abigailstellarstars emilyandfin-gracefullyvintage-abigailstellarstars Read Kayla's full post here. All images courtesy of Gracefully Vintage.