October days out when the air is crisp and the streets are lined with the deep mahogany and burnt ochre tones of fallen leaves are just one reason to love this time of year. Nora Finds blogger Nora recently layered up her Rose Navy Button Down Dress for a day just like this, and she couldn't look anymore elegant! EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ROSEDRESS "I’ve been really excited to show you another piece from Emily and Fin latest collection. My love for cotton dresses is a strong one - that’s what growing up in hot countries does to you. I find that cotton dresses are really low maintenance and they are great for work and play. I’m not the only one who think it - I constantly see two other workmates sporting Emily and Fin day in day out haha. Well, the Rose Navy Button Down Dress is my latest favourite and was my first choice to wear for my long weekend in Bath. While the weather wasn’t the best while we were there I felt a lot more cheerful in my new dress and big bow headscarf!" EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ROSEDRESS EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ROSEDRESS "Obviously I need to remind you that Emily and Fin dresses have pockets - SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT! I love the style of this specific dress - the gathered shoulder detail and the neckline make me think of 1940s shirt dresses. I guess that’s why I wore it with the 1940s coat. I got the size 8 which is perfect for my measurements (32-25-38), and wore it with a black belt (I think it’ll also look cute with navy or white belt). I picked the maroon coat and the velvet boots to create a harmonious colour combination - navy, maroon and black just look so mellow together."   EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ROSEDRESS   EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ROSEDRESS   Read Nora's full post here. All images courtesy of Nora Finds.