Junebugs and Georgia Peaches bloggers Amanda and Katie always make us smile with their cute and classic take on our dresses, so we gave their lucky readers the chance to win £150 to spend on our website. Keep reading for details! EMILYANDFIN-JUNEBUGSANDGEORGIAPEACHES-CLAUDIA "Emily and Fin has been a long-time favorite brand of ours since we first started buying vintage reproduction clothing.  Their kitschy prints + classic patterns always made them stick out to us on ModCloth's website before we even knew about them as an independent brand.  They are some of our go-to dresses when we need to look effortlessly put-together, which makes it a lifesaver on days when we are running late to work...which is... more than we'd like to admit.  We especially love that every dress we've ever owned by them has had pockets, which is a straight-up blessing.  If you're not familiar with them, we do find the sizing on the waists to be a little bit bigger compared to other brands, but that is nothing a belt can't fix! (In a totally unrelated to fashion blurb, how cool is this abandoned airpark in Nashville?)" EMILYANDFIN-JUNEBUGSANDGEORGIAPEACHES-CLAUDIA EMILYANDFIN-JUNEBUGSANDGEORGIAPEACHES-CLAUDIA "Also, you might see in the title that we're doing a giveaway!  We're doing something a little different this time.  By signing up for Emily and Fin's newsletter, you'll be entered to win £150 (about $190 USD) to spend on their website!  You can hop on over to enter, through this link." EMILYANDFIN-JUNEBUGSANDGEORGIAPEACHES-CLAUDIA EMILYANDFIN-JUNEBUGSANDGEORGIAPEACHES-ABIGAIL EMILYANDFIN-JUNEBUGSANDGEORGIAPEACHES-ABIGAIL EMILYANDFIN-JUNEBUGSANDGEORGIAPEACHES-ABIGAIL Read Amanda and Katie's full post here. All images courtesy of Junebugs and Georgia Peaches.