The new season is upon us! Deeper tones have graced our collection and our specially sketched prints are back in full force.

Jo & Victoria of blog She and Hem took some of our new pieces out for a spin, and boy do they look good! EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM "It’s no big secret how much we love Emily and Fin. We get excited about every new collection and love seeing what new fun prints they’ve come out with. Their Autumn/Winter collection sees a bevvy of berry shades and navy niceties with their signature prints and shapes to match. Marvellous!"   EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM   "Once it had safely landed on the website, we were both instantly taken with the Come Fly With Me print which features a fleet of aeroplanes ready to take our wardrobe to new heights! Victoria was actually even able to name the planes (a Douglas DC-6, Douglas DC-3 and a Ford Trimotor apparently) a fact I’m not sure I’ve come to terms with just yet – impressive! We decided to fasten our seat-belts and jetted off to our local park where, sadly, there wasn’t a complimentary bag of peanuts in sight. Despite this, we made ourselves a runway and declared these outfits ready for take off! And yes, we are pretending to be planes in that photo. What of it?" EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM "My Claudia dress* is classic Emily and Fin. I always love this shape as it’s nicely fitted and the capped raglan sleeves make me so happy. The full skirt is anything but plane (sorry) and has small box pleats which make it super flattering and perfect for twirling about in!  Also, it has pockets (for any complimentary peanuts that may come your way) which we all know is the key to my heart. Victoria, in her jazzy trousers and shirt combo, has truly stepped out of our Emily and Fin comfort zone! Fortunately, I’m pleased to report she hasn’t hit any fashion turbulence and looks fabulous! Her slim-fitting cropped Jamie Trousers* make for a pleasant departure (who doesn’t love a novelty print trouser?) from our usual frocks and they look (in my opinion) really rather high fashion when teamed with the Dreamy Deco Floral print  in the Lara Shirt*. It’s such a fab retro print and is available in dress form too." EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM   "Thanks for the landing gear, Emily and Fin! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!"

Read Jo & Victoria's full post here. All images courtesy of She and Hem.