EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL "I know I previously said I wasn’t into Halloween or fancy dressing, but on the weekend the inspiration came to me as the weather got colder. I obviously wanted to show off another gorgeous Emily and Fin dress from the latest collection, but I wanted to wear it in a way where I could show off the beautiful sheen velvet while keeping warm. This outfit was inspired by Newt Scamander character in the Fantastic Beasts movie and I had a lot of fun in this shoot trying to capture the escaped beasts." EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL "I’ve never thought of myself as a big Harry Potter fan. I haven’t read the books a million times, I don’t know all the quotes by heart and I think I won’t win at a HP trivia night. I do, however, have a reasonable number of Hufflepuff memorabilia and am proud of it!" EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL "So on the weekend I knew I wanted to wear my velvet dress before it got even colder *shakes fist at London weather*. I thought the teal would look great with my Hufflepuff scarf, and then I realised that Newt has a similar outfit in the movie - an A-HA moment! Instead of a teal dress (of course!), he had a teal coat on, and I knew wearing this velvet coat with upturned collar would work well. The dress itself has 1930s style and is perfect with my 1930s-style boots. Yeah, yeah, technically the movie was set in 1926 but that’s close enough no? I belted the dress so it probably looked rather different but do check it out on the website to see how it looks unbelted. I went for the size 8 and it fits nicely (go with your bust size because the style is meant to be rather loose around the waist). I usually prefer my dresses rather long, but I think the length of this dress is perfect for the style. It has the 30s details but the 20s flapper style. How darling!" EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL "I had the best time posing for these photos. Trying to find my fantastic beasts in the park was a lot of fun, but I think I shall stick to what I know. I shall call my movie Fantastic Deals and Where to Find Them hehe. I really enjoyed parading in my Hufflepuff pieces, but I often worry that I’m too old for it haha. I am so glad I came up with this outfit - a vintage meets Harry Potter outfit that feels so me. I also like the way I edited these photos - I think it gives them more cinematic look but I am curious to know what you think!" EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL Read Nora's full post here. All images courtesy of Nora Finds.