Around this time of year with Halloween celebrations in full swing, it seems only right to add a touch of drama to your get-up. And what better way to do this than by indulging in some velvet? Fortunately the most recent addition to our AW17 collection, the Annabel Velvet Dress, seems to have come at just the right time!

Nora Finds blogger Nora gave us lashings of inspiration in her Annabel. Can you guess which onscreen persona influenced the ensemble? EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL "I know I previously said I wasn’t into Halloween or fancy dressing, but on the weekend the inspiration came to me as the weather got colder. I obviously wanted to show off another gorgeous Emily and Fin dress from the latest collection, but I wanted to wear it in a way where I could show off the beautiful sheen velvet while keeping warm. This outfit was inspired by Newt Scamander character in the Fantastic Beasts movie and I had a lot of fun in this shoot trying to capture the escaped beasts." EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL "I’ve never thought of myself as a big Harry Potter fan. I haven’t read the books a million times, I don’t know all the quotes by heart and I think I won’t win at a HP trivia night. I do, however, have a reasonable number of Hufflepuff memorabilia and am proud of it!" EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL "So on the weekend I knew I wanted to wear my velvet dress before it got even colder *shakes fist at London weather*. I thought the teal would look great with my Hufflepuff scarf, and then I realised that Newt has a similar outfit in the movie - an A-HA moment! Instead of a teal dress (of course!), he had a teal coat on, and I knew wearing this velvet coat with upturned collar would work well. The dress itself has 1930s style and is perfect with my 1930s-style boots. Yeah, yeah, technically the movie was set in 1926 but that’s close enough no? I belted the dress so it probably looked rather different but do check it out on the website to see how it looks unbelted. I went for the size 8 and it fits nicely (go with your bust size because the style is meant to be rather loose around the waist). I usually prefer my dresses rather long, but I think the length of this dress is perfect for the style. It has the 30s details but the 20s flapper style. How darling!" EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL "I had the best time posing for these photos. Trying to find my fantastic beasts in the park was a lot of fun, but I think I shall stick to what I know. I shall call my movie Fantastic Deals and Where to Find Them hehe. I really enjoyed parading in my Hufflepuff pieces, but I often worry that I’m too old for it haha. I am so glad I came up with this outfit - a vintage meets Harry Potter outfit that feels so me. I also like the way I edited these photos - I think it gives them more cinematic look but I am curious to know what you think!" EMILYANDFIN-NORAFINDS-ANNABEL Read Nora's full post here. All images courtesy of Nora Finds.