We will always stay true to our roots here at Emily and Fin, and we love to pour our love and attention into crafting vintage-inspired cuts for you. It's all about the little touches! This means you can slip into whichever decade you choose, and for Southern Cali Belle blogger Ashley, the 40s silhouette is one she has embraced wholeheartedly. emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-abigail "2016 has definitely been one of the most interesting years in my life. While there's been lots of change (like every year going forward), some of it doesn't always feel positive. I think I've been so used to improving my life as a mother, wife, and woman, that I'm kind of taken aback when it doesn't go exactly as I plan it. One of my positive changes this year is being more open to different styles/eras in fashion. I've spent this year embracing lots of 40's inspired styles. It feels great to ditch the petticoat once in awhile and enjoy a more figure-hugging silhouette. Emily and Fin's new collection is full of 40's goodness and this Abigail skirt is the perfect addition to my new wardrobe!" emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-abigail "This skirt is made from a light rayon, which means it's incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. The accordion pleating is such a small but appreciated touch and the side pockets are big enough to carry what you need. The deco-inspired print is probably my favorite feature! I paired it with a stretchy Sabrina top and my favorite Remix heels and I feel really put together (even if I feel as comfy as I am in pajamas). I can't wait to pair this skirt with a pleather jacket and some black knee high boots for the cooler season. You know, if that day ever comes!" emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-abigail emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-abigail emilyandfin-southerncalibelle-abigail
Read Ashley's full post here. All images courtesy of Southern Cali Belle.