The adorable Jo & Victoria, who bring us blog She and Hem got their hands on this season's pieces and discussed over the most fabulous game of tennis we've ever seen! EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM-TENNIS "We’ve been making such a racket about Emily and Fin’s sports collection for SO LONG. Seriously, we were lucky enough to have a sneaky peek last year, which you can watch in this vlog, and we’ve been desperate to get our hands on the collection ever since! Our favourites are the green Anyone for Tennis?* dress in the Lucy style and the red Abigail style Serve it Up* dress. There’s Novak denying, they are both incredible prints." EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM-TENNIS "We really wanted to do the dresses justice, so we embraced our inner Venus and Serena, purchased some vintage tennis rackets (like you do) and wandered down to our local tennis club. In true She and Hem style, it turned out to be shut, so we got our tennis elbows out and had an impromptu game, and a lie down, in the park instead! Probably not what Sharapova gets up to in her spare time (and she’s got a lot of spare time), but we had lots of fun. Party at the net!" EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM-TENNIS EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM-TENNIS EMILYANDFIN-SHEANDHEM-TENNIS Read Jo & Victoria's full post here. All images courtesy of She and Hem.