We are a big fan of your blog (and of course your style!) in the E&F office. Please tell us a little about why you started your blog and your future plans for SophiaRosemary.com...

I started blogging around three years ago because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough creative satisfaction from my job at the time. I’d grown a little following on Instagram so found starting a blog was a natural progression and a nice way to share more thoughts about my style/what inspired me. Right now I’m super busy with blogging and so am concentrating purely on creating content I love (and hopefully others love too), I’ve literally just bought my first house so hopefully I be able to create more content around lifestyle as well as fashion now too.

What’s your favourite Autumn/Winter pastime?

Oh I love Autumn! It’s the perfect time for cosying up in doors. I love Halloween and am always ridiculously keen to carve my pumpkin far too early!

autumn-inspiration Source: 5ivetacos

As a born and bred Manchester girl, what are your top 3 places to visit in the city and why?

• Ezra & Gil- For coffee, a great atmosphere and people watching.

• Fletcher Moss Gardens in Didsbury- They're so beautiful and there’s something a little magic about this place. I would recommend heading there in summer though.

• The Plaza in Stockport- It's an old 1930’s theatre and it’s still got a lot of the original features. It’s pretty amazing. They often host old films, plays and afternoon tea there so its worth visiting.

stockport-plaza Source: Creative Tourist

How would you describe your style?

Laid back, comfortable and vintage inspired.

What are your go to staples?

Dungarees, a stripe tee, stone washed jeans and a polka dot blouse.

Ok let’s play the desert island game, if you were marooned on your own island and you could only take the following what would they be…

One album?

Can I just say this is my favourite game... Rubber Soul by The Beatles or Suck It and See by Arctic Monkeys (sorry I know that’s cheating).

Source: Amazon Music

One book?

I recently read ‘Normal People’ and couldn’t have loved it more! I’d be happy to re-read this.

Source: Toast

One food?

Pad Thai noodles

One cocktail?


One luxury item?


One person to spend the time with?

Joe my boyfriend... plus he’s super practical so I reckon we’d be living in comfort in no time! Haha!

We love to see you styling your Emily and Fin pieces- please talk us through your choice-

I chose the gorgeous Tiger Jumper because I felt this this was a very versatile piece to style with jeans in the day or a midi skirt for a more evening look. The tiger is a little grand and there’s something slightly luxurious about it that works with golds and mustards... perfect for Autumn. I teamed it with the Faye Cream Star Print Skirt because the colours were so autumnal together and I’m a sucker for a star print!